prisonIf you are arrested and taken to jail, there is a limited time to utilize a free telephone. After being processed and fingerprinted, you will be moved to a regular housing area where the majority of the telephones only allow collect calls to be made.

It’s critical that, during the first few hours of incarceration, you make arrangements to get out of jail as quickly as possible. Unless you are charged with a violent felony, or have a lengthy criminal history, you will receive a bond amount. That is a dollar figure that must be paid before an inmate can be released from jail. If the charge is a misdemeanor, a bond may be somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000. If the charge is a more serious felony, the bond could be as much as $20,000.

The quickest, most effective method of posting a bond is to use a bail bondsman. At AAOK Bail Bonds, we will work with you or a family member during the initial hours after an arrest to expedite the bond process. We only charge a small percentage of the total dollar figure.

jailerThere are other methods of posting a bond, but it can be a lengthy and unreliable process. A property bond is often a popular choice for those who don’t have the money to pay an entire bond. There are, however, an assortment of conditions attached to a property bond. Those include the value of the property and where it’s located. You also must have original documents like a warranty deed and the most recent tax bill. It’s not unusual for those attempting to arrange a property bond to have to make several trips to the jail because the paperwork is wrong or all the conditions aren’t met.

Those arrested also have the choice of paying the full amount in cash. That is sometimes feasible if the bond is low. If the charge is serious, it can sometimes be difficult to find someone to post five, ten or twenty thousand dollars to get you out of jail.

A signature bond allows an individual to leave jail without having to pay any money. All that is required is a signature. This is also referred to as being released on your own recognizance. This type of bond can only be authorized by a judge or a high ranking member of a sheriff’s office. These are extremely rare in the Cobb County jail and in the Fulton County Jail. Those who choose to go before a judge and request a signature bond are usually disappointed with the answer.

customer-serviceThe fastest, most cost effective way to bond out is to call AAOK Bail Bonds. We are always ready to answer your questions and help you or a family member regain your freedom. In Fulton County, you can reach us at 770-640-1895. In Cobb County, call 770-672-6960.


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