assault-chargesIf you are arrested and brought to jail, whether on a citation or a criminal warrant, you may be assigned a bond. A bond is a dollar figure, set by a judge that allows you to leave jail until you are scheduled for court. The bond is meant to be an incentive for you to show up for your court date. If you fail to go to court, the money you paid will be forfeited.

The size of the bond depends on the charge. If you are arrested for driving on a suspended license, criminal trespass or possession of a small amount of marijuana, your bond may only be $1,000.

For more serious crimes, like aggravated assault or other felonies, the bond may be upwards of $10,000 or more. That’s a lot of money to have tied up for weeks or months, until your case is concluded. Often times, someone who has been arrested simply doesn’t have the money to post the entire dollar figure.

fulton-co-courtIf you have been arrested, and need assistance with paying your bond, your first call should be to AAOK Bail Bonds. Utilizing a bail bond company is a way to get out of jail while your charges are pending. We only charge you a small percent percent of your total bond. We post the remainder of the bond which allows you to enjoy your freedom, be with your family and continue to work until your case goes to trial or is disposed of.

While you are free on bond, it is important to make sure you stay in touch with the courts and go to all your court dates. You must also be on time. If you arrive late to court, the judge very well may issue a bench warrant for you. That means you will be arrested again and taken back to jail. You will also be charged with failure to appear. That is another offense you will have to deal with in addition to your original charges.

cuffsIf you have ever been in jail, or know someone who has, you know it’s not a fun place to be. After being processed in the intake area, which can take up to 12 hours, you will be taken to a housing area. Most bigger county jails, like those in Cobb County and Fulton County, have transitional housing. That’s a housing area where everybody who has been arrested, and not bonded out, will stay for three to five days. You could be brought to jail for driving under the influence, or even have a cellmate who is charged with murder.

Officers at the jail wake inmates up twice per day to conduct a headcount. County jails in Georgia serve two or three meals per day depending on that facility’s policy. If you have ever eaten “jail food,” you know it makes hospital food look like it came from a gourmet bistro. If you are sick, it could take several days before you are seen by a medical professional.

jailerIf you are charged with a misdemeanor, it may be several weeks before you have a court appearance. If you are charged with a more serious felony, it could be months before you see a judge. If you don’t bond out during that time, each and every day will be spent in confinement, following rules and possibly coexisting with people who have long and violent criminal histories.

bail bonds bondsman phone numberIf you, or a loved one, is arrested and have a bond amount set, call AAOK Bail Bonds right away. We will explain the process to you, listen to your concerns and have the bond ordeal taken care of quickly and professionally. Once you are free, we will stay in touch with you to ensure you are aware of all upcoming court dates. In Cobb County, you can reach us at 770-672-6960. In Fulton County, call 770-640-1895.



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