happy-new-year-2015-clip-art-high-image-wallpaperIt’s almost 2015! We hope you have a great New Year’s celebration and stay safe! But, if you or a loved one need us…or if you need a bailout with a bailbonds service, or the help of a bail bondsmen company, we are working 24-7 during this time to help with any bail out! We are a fast and thorough service that can help when “life happens”.

14950163_1With it being the New Year (and a holiday), you NEED to bond out as soon as possible!
New Year’s Eve, more people are in jail than any other time of the year. However, because the courts are over-worked and under-staffed at this time of year, and so many people are coming in and out, THE JAILS ARE TOO SLOW TO HELP YOU! But we can!

108220673-getty-new-year-s-eve-alcohol-hangoverWith Cobb County jail and Fulton County jail being so slow and busy, people will be in jail longer because less people are working. Be smart and call us to bond out, use AAOK bail bonding in Cobb or Fulton County!

Don’t be put into the system and forced to wait. Don’t let your loved ones sit in jail any longer than they have to! Call AAOK bail bonds for faster service in 2015. You don’t want your friends or family to spend the New Year in jail! Minimize the time behind bars, and don’t make them wait for a bail out…call AAOK Bail bonding for Cobb County Jail or Fulton County Jail bail bonds.

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