thinkstock free1A trip to jail isn’t something anyone looks forward to. Time spent behind bars isn’t a fun experience. If you are arrested and taken to jail, your first priority will be getting out of jail as fast as you can. Not everyone who gets arrested is a bad person. Anyone can a make a mistake or a bad decision that could result in an arrest. However, there are some truly bad people out there that commit serious crimes. Those are the people you may be sitting shoulder to shoulder with when you are initially taken into custody!

Most are accompanied by a bond amount. That is a dollar figure, assigned by a judge, that allows a person to regain their freedom by leaving jail until a scheduled court date. There are some felonies that don’t have a bond amount. These are serious crimes and the accused will remain incarcerated as they go through the legal system.

The bond for misdemeanors can still add up quickly. If you are arrested for traffic offenses like driving with a suspended a license and running a red light, your bond amount could be as much as $2,000. That’s a lot of money to come up with and have tied up while you wait to go to court. The alternative is sitting in jail where the company is bad, the food is worse, and overall living conditions leave much to be desired.

At AAOK Bail Bonds, we understand how important it is for you or a loved one to regain your freedom after being taken to jail. Instead of having to pay thousands of dollars to get out of jail, we will post your entire bond amount while only charging you a small percentage. We are an inexpensive and reliable way to return to the normalcy of your life after an arrest.

There are many things people are arrested for everyday in counties like Cobb and Fulton. Often times, the arrest is a result of a mistake or bad judgment. If that happens to you or a friend, the officer isn’t going to listen to excuses. The handcuffs will come out along with an inevitable trip to jail.

traffic violationTraffic violations: Traffic infractions can cause a number of problems. In additions to fines and points on your license, some tickets can even land you in jail. If you are caught driving with a suspended license or driving with an expired license, you will likely be arrested. Your bond could be in the thousands of dollars. The same is true for reckless driving or leaving the scene of an accident. It can be very expensive to get out of jail.

failure to appearFailure to Appear: This is a charge that results from missing a court date. The bad part is, you probably won’t even know there is a bench warrant out for you. If you received a ticket, didn’t pay it and forgot to go court the judge will issue a warrant. The next time you get pulled over, it’s off to jail. The bond for a failure to appear could be more than $2,000.

Domestic violence: We all know how arguments can escalate. This is especially true when there are emotions involved. There are a number of charges that are related to domestic violence. They include Cruelty To Children in the Third Degree, Criminal Trespass and Criminal Damage To Property. If the police are called because of a domestic issue, they will identify the primary aggressor. If an aggressor can’t be identified, both parties may go to jail. If multiple charges are filed, the bond could be more than $5,000.

The quickest and most inexpensive way to get out of jail and get back to your life is through AAOK Bail Bonds. We understand what a stressful situation it can be for you and your family. We are here to listen and work quickly on your behalf. For Cobb County Bail Bonds, you can reach us at 770-672-6960. For Fulton County Bail Bonds, you can reach us 770-640-1895.


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