If you have ever spent time in jail, you probably never want to go back. If you have never been locked up, the idea of going can be a scary thought. If you do find yourself in the back of a police car in handcuffs, getting out of jail will quickly become your number one priority.

jailerAnyone can make a mistake or have a lapse in judgment that results in a trip to jail. Anything from traffic related offenses like driving on a suspended license, to more serious crimes, can land you behind bars. In most cases, after an arrest, you will be given a bond amount that will allow you to bail out of jail. That way, you can go about your daily business while waiting to go to court and have your case heard. The alternative is sitting in jail until your court date.

If you find yourself in this situation, your first call should be to AAOK Bail Bonds. If you, or a friend or relative, needs to be bailed out of jail you can reach us at 770-640-1895 in Fulton County or 770-672-6960 in Cobb County. Bonding out of jail is only the first step as you maneuver through the criminal justice system. There are things you need to do, and things not to do, while out on bond to ensure you will remain free while waiting for a disposition in your case.

two_men_shaking_hands_close_u_450If you are booked into jail and have a bond amount assigned, you will also be given a bond condition form to sign. Bond conditions are a set of rules, set forth by a judge that you must adhere to. If you don’t follow the bond conditions, your bond can be revoked by the judge which means you will stay in jail until you go to court or your case is settled. In large counties like Cobb and Fulton, that means you may have to wait weeks or months to go to court. In many cases, a defendant could have several court dates before either being exonerated, found guilty or reaching a plea agreement.

Most bond conditions include similar requirements. Typical examples that appear on most bond conditions are: Not breaking any laws, not consuming alcohol or using illegal drugs, not possessing a firearm and not changing your present address without written notification to the court.

If a case involves a battery or family violence charge, the defendant may also be ordered to not have any contact with the alleged victim. In addition, you may also have to wear an ankle monitor at your own expense. Before you can bond out of jail, you will have to sign the bond conditions.

cuffs2It’s very important to pay close attention to everything you sign before your release. The court assigns bond conditions for a reason and expects you to follow them. If you violate them, and are caught, your bond may be revoked which means an extended stay in jail. If that happens, a bail bondsman will not be able to help you.

If you or a loved one is in need of our services, call AAOK Bail Bonds right away. We are an established business in the area and are here to help.

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