Does the thought of spending a few nights in jail seem “do-able” to you? After all, how hard can it really be…

Have you ever though about the living conditions and the level of treatment that our prison system really gets? Take a look at these top ten reasons why Jail is no place to spend the night, and why you will want to bail out quick!

maggots-300x22410. THE FOOD: If you have ever eaten “jail food,” you know that it makes hospital food look like it came from a gourmet bistro. (Did you hear about the jail food that had maggots in it? NO? It’s happened more than once!)

9. THE HEADCOUNT: Officers at the jail wake inmates up twice per day to conduct a headcount. Every day…twice a day.

8. THE WAITING: There could be as many as sixty people in the jail’s intake waiting to be processed. That’s sixty people all waiting to be fingerprinted and use the free phones. (And not all of them will smell very good).

7. THE LONLINESS: In jail, you will probably not be surrounded by your friends. You don’t know anyone and yet you are locked up with these strangers for days or months. There is also limited time to utilize a free telephone. After being processed and fingerprinted, you will be moved to a regular housing area where the majority of the telephones only allow collect calls to be made. When you feel like you have been alone for days with no one to talk to, that is exactly what they want, and they don’t care.

6. THE BOOKING PROCESS: Time passes slowly. The booking process (mug shot and fingerprinting) can take up to 12 hours. Then you will be moved from the intake area to a transitional housing area where everybody who has been arrested, who has not bonded out, will stay for three to five days.
5. THE PLUMBING: There is no privacy in jail. You just have it get used to it. Here’s a picture of the toilets in jail. These conditions are as bad as it gets! (Even port-o-potties are better!)

4. THE CELL-MATES: No matter what charge you are brought into jail for, you could have a cellmate who has a long and violent criminal history – he could even be charged with murder. (At least you will have some stories to tell…if you get out first.)

3. THE MEDICAL CARE: If you are sick, it could take several days before you are seen by a medical professional. If you have a specific medical condition that requires attention, you may as well get used to the lack of care and attention, and hope to get out soon!

2. THE COURT DATE: If you are charged with a misdemeanor, it may be several weeks before you have a court appearance. If you are charged with a more serious felony, it could be months before you see a judge. If you don’t bond out during that time, each and every day will be spent in confinement, following rules and possibly coexisting with people who have very serious crimes on their record. The wait can be the worst part.

1. THE CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE: Just being away from home is not the worst part. Being alone, the endless waiting, being misunderstood, and making strange “new friends” can be hard…you always have to watch your back!

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