If you find yourself in jail for any reason, your first priority should be getting out as soon as possible. If you spend an extended period of time locked up there could be serious repercussions for you and your family. If you are arrested for a misdemeanor, you will be given a bond amount. A bond is a dollar figure assigned by a judge that allows you to get out of jail and enjoy your life until you are scheduled for court. Some felonies may also have a bond.

There are some important things for you, and your family, to keep in mind should you end up in jail. The first important fact is that using a company like AAOK Bail Bonding, is the quickest and most inexpensive way to regain your freedom. Even a simple misdemeanor, like driving with a suspended license, could have a bond as high as $2,000. That means your loved ones would have to pay the entire amount in order to get you out. A bond could be as much as $10,000 for more serious charges. At AAOK, we charge a small portion of the total bond and post the remaining balance on your behalf. You are then able to go home to your family and continue to work as your case is pending.

There are some other things to keep in mind that can influence jail time:

1. Time is limited:
Time is of the essence when someone is locked up. In Cobb County Jails and Fulton County Jails, arrestees have a limited amount of time to use free telephones. If bond arrangements aren’t made quickly, a move to a housing area will be imminent. In those areas of a jail, telephones only make collect calls.

2. Information is needed: Your loved ones may call the jail to find out information. In most cases, county employees will tell you what a person is charged with and what their bond is. This is crucial information to have.

3. How Busy Is The Jail? Most people would be surprised to learn that weekends usually aren’t the busiest times in Cobb and Fulton county jails. Fridays and Saturdays certainly have a number of arrestees, but most weekdays are much busier. In a county like Cobb, there could be as many as sixty people in the jail’s intake waiting to be processed. That’s sixty people all waiting to be fingerprinted and use the free phones. Even if it is busy, those making bail arrangements should contact AAOK bail bonds to begin the bail process. It’s never too soon to get things moving.

4. Property: Most jails allow an arrestee’s property to be released. That could be important if something like a debit or credit card is needed to post bond. All your family member or friend has to do is request a property release through AAOK Bail Bonding.

As you can see, there are a number of important details to keep in mind to expedite release from jail. The more you know ahead of time, should something unfortunate happen that results in a trip to jail, the better off you will be. In Cobb County, you can reach AAOK Bail Bonding at 770-672-6960. In Fulton County, you can reach us at 770-640-1895.

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